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Puri Law is a high-powered criminal defense practice.

We have a diamond hard reputation for being truly great San Jose criminal defense attorneys. We specialize in complex criminal defense, pre-trial settlement, trials, writs and appeals.

Call for a free consultation with the best attorneys. We are aggressive and thorough attorneys – no matter is too big or too small. We have won impossible cases, often by dismissals at trial.

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Success in Criminal Defense Can Be Spectacular! Hire the Best, and the Rest Will Take Care of Itself.

• Virtually a perfect record of dismissals and acquittals in domestic violence defense cases! THE PREMIER domestic violence defense attorneys and lawyers in San Jose, especially in serious domestic violence with murder, attempted murder, great bodily injury, weapons, child abuse, or sexual assault.

• Twenty-five 995 and 1538.5 motions granted in the same year alone! High volume of criminal defense cases dismissed or drastically reduced with the power of the written word

• Victorious in federal prosecutions and investigations by the IRS and the FBI, saving the lives of CEOs and VPs with innovative defense tactics

• “NOT GUILTY” verdicts in serious felony jury trials, considered impossible to win, like felon in possession of firearm; lawyer with excellent trial advocacy skills

• Trial lawyer winning the impossible victory like twenty-two counts of rape and sodomy dismissed after two years of litigation in San Jose, CA

• Member: California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National Lawyers Guild, California Public Defenders Assoc., Bar Association of San Francisco, California Bar Assoc., ABA, Bar of the Federal District Court of the Northern District of California and the Eastern District of California, Bar of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, California Criminal Defense Attorney, San Jose Bay Area Attorney.

• A top criminal defense attorney in San Jose, criminal defense lawyer Nathan Puri stands alone with the best criminal law results, dismissals or jury trial victories. The best San Jose criminal attorneys separate from the rest with victories. Felony domestic violence, drug charges, narcotic trafficking, assault with a deadly weapon and firearms offenses require talent and experience. He is a proven winner among criminal lawyers. Real criminal attorneys are a rare breed. Mr. Puri’s winning record speaks for itself. His clients agree. Read more glowing client testimonials.

• Criminal defense lawyers are not created equally. Mr. Puri’s defense style is high-powered and hard-hitting. What sets Lawyer Puri apart from many of the best criminal attorneys in San Jose is that he is victorious at trial and a fierce negotiator of dismissals. Lawyer Puri cares most about winning trials with compelling stories. Each criminal defense case receives his personal attention to detail to ensure the best defense possible. If you are under federal, grand jury or local investigation, he can even prevent charges from ever being filed.

• Criminal Attorney Puri practices criminal defense in all federal district courts and all California county jurisdictions. Call Paul if you need a dedicated criminal defense lawyer who specializes in federal criminal defense, homicide, murder defense, drug and narcotic trafficking defense, fraud defense, sexual assault and rape defense, grand theft, robbery, burglary, and felony domestic violence defense.

• Lawyer Puri’s top criminal defense law firm beats serious charges in San Jose, California.

• Lawyer Puri has successfully fought trials of all kinds, ranging from complicated federal investigations to domestic violence or sex crimes, like rape and child molestation, aggravated assault (with serious injury or weapon) to multi-defendant capital murder. He has a large network of forensics and investigation teams.

• Lawyer Puri works with top notch investigators and world-class forensics experts, has extensive support staff and is prepared to represent individuals and corporations in federal and state courts throughout California and the United States.

• Lawyer Puri has fought hard for the citizens of foreign nations who encounter criminal charges on American soil. Nathan Puri is a San Jose criminal lawyer who has travelled to foreign countries to chase witnesses, get their statements and bring them back to the United States to win dismissals of serious charges like child molestation, rape and sexual assault.

• When the case involves international criminal defense issues, Lawyer Puri is at the front lines defending the rights of foreign nationals, and uses skills in diplomacy to meet with foreign ministers and officials on several occasions. Lawyer Puri is at the cutting edge of international criminal law and the use of international diplomacy to assist his criminal defense clients who are facing multi-national criminal and civil legal issues, and has top level investigation and forensic teams around the world ready to assist.

• As a successful criminal attorney, Lawyer Puri’s demonstrated success at trial places him as one of the most successful criminal lawyers in San Jose. His state of the art trial techniques and courtroom charisma give him a definite advantage over the prosecution.

• Top criminal lawyer Puri is relentless, tireless, energetic and one of the most aggressive criminal lawyers in the Bay Area. Lawyer Puri investigates each case early and thoroughly. Each case undergoes rigorous forensic analysis; every possible legal motion is carefully considered and fought. Every move is factored into a grand trial strategy. In court, Lawyer Puri speaks eloquently, candidly, with passion and artistry.

• He is a man who has dedicated his life to fighting an unjust system, working tirelessly to achieve freedom for people. Never face trial without the best criminal lawyer you can find.

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