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Top San Francisco San Jose Bay Area federal criminal defense attorneys at Puri Law stand alone with the best results, dismissals and acquittals. The best attorneys separate from the rest by winning, being fierce, relentless, and above all, LOYAL to their clients. White collar crime, drug and narcotic trafficking conspiracy, tax fraud and tax evasion trials require talent and experience. We are proven winners. Real trial attorneys are a rare breed. Our winning record speaks for itself. Our clients agree.

Defense attorneys are not created equally. Puri Law is high-powered and hard-hitting. What sets us apart from other defense attorneys is that we are victorious at trial, dedicated exclusively to complex defense, and are fierce negotiators of dismissals and drastic reductions. We care most about getting excellent results for our clients.

In the words of the legal community, Puri Law is “one of the best Federal Criminal Defense specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area”; “Paul Puri is an aggressive, results-oriented criminal defense lawyer. Paul is respected by both the bench and the District Attorneys. He specializes exclusively in criminal defense matters and I highly recommend him”; “[Paul Puri] is intelligent, hardworking and fiercely wants to win the case.”

Mr. Puri’s law firm beats complex cases anywhere in the United States and around the world. Along with defending federal charges, Mr. Puri has been asked to lead international defense investigations. Mr. Puri practices in all federal district courts and all California county jurisdictions. Call Paul if you need a dedicated trial lawyer who specializes in federal defense, murder defense, and fraud defense.

Mr. Puri has successfully defended trials of all kinds, ranging from complicated federal investigations of prominent CEOs for tax fraud to drug conspiracy charges. He works with top notch investigators and world-class forensics experts, has extensive support staff and is prepared to represent individuals and corporations in federal and state courts throughout California and the United States.Defense attorneys at Puri Law have been asked to lead international teams of attorneys in matters of criminal justice. They have liased with foreign ministers in criminal defense matters of international diplomacy as part of efforts to locate and bring witnesses forward on behalf of clients. And they have fought against or worked with foreign lawyers to bring international matters to finality.Mr. Puri has fought and won serious felony cases and is a regular in federal district court for the Northern, Eastern and Southern Districts of California and before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.