Attorney Biography
Paul Nathan Puri


Paul Nathan Puri comes from a long line of doctors and lawyers. His grand-uncle was a famous criminal defense attorney in Punjab, India and was famously known to have acquitted the same man of murder ten times. Nathan Puri graduated from University of California at Davis and New College School of Law. He has been working in corporate, criminal and public interest law since 1996. In 1998 he was a founding member of a optical microprocessor design firm. He opened Puri Law in 2003 after working for the San Francisco Public Defender’s office since 2001. He quickly became one of the Bay Area’s most prominent criminal defense practitioners, frequently winning cases in each of the nine counties. He has always been willing to go where the fight is and has never shied away from taking on injustice. Mr. Puri pioneered the business model of the modern law firm, by leveraging technology to gain an international presence with zero environmental waste. Mr. Puri has a reputation for taking on cases that other lawyers are afraid to take, and has won what many thought were impossible victories. Many of these cases involved international investigations. To prepare himself for the grueling stress that comes with his career, he studied with the top teachers of Tibetan Buddhism including the supreme master of the Nyingma school, His Holiness Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, who has given Mr. Puri the right to teach, meaning Mr. Puri has achieved the highest levels of mind training.


 Throughout the history of his practice, Mr. Puri has been the sort of lawyer people call when other lawyers have botched a case up so badly that matters appear hopeless. Or the situation is so dire, because the DA or US Attorney has charged up the case so much that they have left no room for negotiation and the situation is literally life or death. Mr. Puri does not advertise broadly, and so does not have a broad or diverse criminal law practice. He does not take on many DUIs, for example, that is, unless there are bodies left as a result of an accident. People call Mr. Puri when they are desperate, when they are hoping for prayers to be answered. Time and again, consistently, that is exactly what Mr. Puri has done. When times are so desperate, Mr. Puri has delivered dismissals, acquittals, releases from custody, opened the cage doors, like a Houdini. It might seem like a tall tale, but the results speak for themselves. No one is tackling the hopeless case as often as Mr. Puri. No one is winning them as much as he is. There is one reason why this is happening. And it is quite a simple reason: Because he dares to. He dares to take these cases on, and he dares to win. He dares the opponents to risk their careers. He dares his competition to go with him deep into the trenches. One client referred to Mr. Puri as “a god”; perhaps he’s more of a demon. Defendant’s in criminal court are in hell. Puri goes there and drags them out. No one comes out of these fights unscathed. Everyone gets burned. Who can keep their arms in the fire the longest? Ask Puri.