San Francisco Criminal Defense Law Practice

I would like to take this opportunity to explain how I’ve developed my law practice over the past fifteen years. Puri Law pioneered the modern law practiced by utilizing technology to reduce overhead and expenses drastically. The pay-off is I have been able to keep my client count low, while providing the highest quality legal representation.

Clients and attorneys often ask me, “Where do you practice law? Where is your office? Where are your books?” At which point, I pull out my IPhone or IPad and say, “It’s in here.” I’m not just being cute. Since 2003, I have represented defendants in criminal cases everywhere, from India to New York and back here in every county in California. There is some stigma and rigidity in the legal industry, because established attorneys are expected to have fancy offices. But I remind them that victories happen in a run down dilapidated courtroom, not in a fancy office.

Being on the road necessitated arranging meetings wherever private space was available. Enter the rise of the “office hotel” business, commercial properties that rent their conference rooms and offices by the hour. Thus, permanent office space soon became redundant and useless. I almost never went in. I can book conference space with an app anywhere in the world right now. Most of these properties are very high-end and the price is right.

As for files, scanning technology and the cloud is already ubiquitous and instantaneous. Again with an app, I can call a service to take the file boxes and store them in a secure facility. If I need to retrieve them, I use the app to pull them to be delivered wherever I am. With an app I can view all the files any time. All contracts are drafted, signed and delivered with an app.  Where do I practice law? Where is my office? Everywhere.

The law library has long been digitized. No longer do we need to keep folios and exchange pages with updates monthly and annually. In fact, the specialized legal research services have almost been completely usurped by Google. I have been in trial with judges who just use Google to research legal questions, and do not even resort to the expensive legacy services like Westlaw or Lexis-Nexis. All legal documents are drafted on the cloud. More and more, I am sending my legal pleading by email directly to the judge’s courtroom clerks and asking that they print them. That way, I can avoid having to expend fuel on the road when physically having to file. Thus, I have been very environmentally conscious all along.

The question of confidentiality is easily addressed, passwords and agreements with providers to keep files in an encrypted form have become standard. Internet communications can take place with encrypted apps very easily. Court-ordered protections on highly sensitive materials are the exception, not the rule, and can be sequestered and kept paper only and if copied, kept offline using encrypted key-drives. I take internet security very seriously, and if you google my name you’ll find I was at the forefront of network cryptography with OpenBSD and Debian Linux since the 1990s.

So call me and we will arrange a meeting at a location of mutual convenience to discuss how best to address your very serious life-crisis playing out in investigations, interrogations and in court. I’ve been at this at a high-level for a long, long time. I’m sure I can provide you with peace of mind about what is the best course of action for you and your family.