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Puri is an excellent attorney, I was a year into my case with a public defender it was not looking too good for me. so I googled and did some research to find the best attorney and that is what I found to help me with my case. the first day I met Puri I was immediately Releaved and Knew that I was in good hands. quick fast straight to the point no BS. He handle my case better than I could have ever asked for. I am very satisfied with the results of how it turned out. I just want to say thank you Mr. Puri, and if anyone is looking for a good attorney I highly recommend Puri and I’d definitely use his services again.



Hello Mr Puri,

I have been following the case with the family and your tweets. I would like to express on behalf of my family and myself our heartfelt gratitude for all the hard work and efforts you have been putting into my brothers case and most especially the trial.

Your passion and belief with the jury in trying to bring the truth out and justice this past week has shown how much you care for the life of someone who deserves to be free and to live a full life as he is intended to.

We chose you after endless website searches, we were lost and desperate. Based on a gut feeling my sister Melva had we went for broke, literally. I truly believe you were a godsend for my brother and my family and were the right choice.

My brother may be a stubborn man and have different views on many subjects but underneath all that, he is kind, gentle and very loving. He is a good man. Thank you for being patient with him, I am quite sure you have faced many challenges with him because he is a very passionate person.

Thank you again…

Best Regards,

Thelma Buccat Ibanez

(866) 865-9609

My family wishes to express our gratitude for all that you have done for Daniel . You have done an Amazing job …Paul Puri is a GODPaul Puri saved my life

my family owes Paul Puri everything we hold dear

you’re in our prayers and always in our hearts

Hope all is well.


Torre Mercogliano


I really think of you as my Godfather and not just as my friend and my attorney! You know it very well!

Suresh Srinavasamurthy
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